Pre-installation inspection and servicing operations

Whenever the type of operation is quite important and on customer's demand we can provide a free of charge inspection at the place where it will be delivered. The meeting with the client is crucial to understand its specific needs and to understand the type of building architecture, to evaluate the current climate, soil type, etc. .. Data will be collected and customer will be immediately informed about the plants which are found to be more suitable and a first price estimation. The plants can be chosen from the catalog or directly in the nursery of Quinzano d'Oglio (BS).

National and international transport
The plants are loaded and placed on the appropriate way of transport (truck or vehicle with tractor and trailer), this is a crucial and delicate operation that we do with the utmost care and professionalism so that plants can be transported and unloaded in the best possible way.

In particular, we deal with:
  • advance preparation of the plants already pruned to even out their foliage;
  • binding when extended branches and foliage are present (i.e. palm trees, cork oaks, etc. ..);
  • towel for the winter coverage in case of sediment areas defined by sub-zero temperatures for long periods;

We deliver also individual specimens and we use special vehicles for loading / unloading (tractor with crane, protection from physical stress and from thermal shock)

Plants installation and arrangement

The company is directly involved in the delivery of the plants to the address indicated by the customer. On request using a truck equipped with a crane we can even do the installation on the pothole. In this regard we are proud to cooperate with the customers’ gardeners in order to finish off all the operations necessary for the proper positioning of the specimen.

Frost protection
The Mediterranean plants by their nature require temperate climates without excessive fluctuations in temperature or hydro stagnation. With the plants delivery Mor is providing the sheets to cover them and technical sheet indicating any further pesticide treatments to be performed on the plants.

The ground clothes that we do use for the winter season are made of polypropylene and have a thickness of 35 grams per square meter. In this way Mediterranean plants are protected from cold and frost in the meanwhile allowing perspiration. Rainwater is not absorbed and can glide over the surface in order to avoid stagnation.

Installation in your garden
The farm Mor Gardens is also carrying out the direct installation of the plant in the pothole (large specimens, special plants, plants chosen by the customer ...), this is done working closed with the gardener's private customer

Indoor installation
The indoor use of Mediterranean plants such as olive trees, oaks, cork oaks and other ones is quite common to create a winter garden. We can use them in commercial areas or just in little corners to create a place where you can relax in the green even during the cold months. Being made in confined and easily controlled areas there is no problem with cold or moisture. Large specimens can be placed in closed area such as the company receptions and hotels’ halls.


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